About Laboratory

  1. GIS and Climate Change Research Lab:

    Hardware- Equipment with 14 computers and 3 GPS, 1 plotter, 4 printers
    Software- Arc GIS 10, ERDAS Imagine

    • Provide GIS processing and computing capabilities
    • GIS application in planning
    • Remote sensing and analysis
    • Forest resource mapping
    • Satellite image analysis
    • Climate change related research using satellite images
    • Research to find out climate-friendly tree species

    • Sea level trends and qualifying Inundation Vulnerabilities using GIS
    • Carbon stock at the coast of Chittagong applying Remote Sensing
    • Land cover change detection in Sundarbans after SIDR using GIS and Remote Sensing

    2. Seed Research Laboratory:

    • Started:  from 2005
    • Total species of seed: 180-185
    • Herbarium: About 400

    Major activities:

    • Fruits and seeds of forest species for conservation and display for students
    • Studies on seed biology (seed germination, seed germination potential, seed viability, initial growth of the seedlings and preliminary study)
    • Herbarium of tree species (dry specimen, collection and preservation for students and also for future uses
    • Collection and preservation of seeds of rare and endangered tree species like Boilam, Batna, Chalmugra, Dhup, Naglingom, etc.)

    3. Tree Propagation Lab:

    General Description:

    Tree propagation is the process of using stem cuttings or seedlings from existing trees to cultivate new trees. This process helps to expedite the development of new trees. With tree propagation, two basic methods are employed. Both approaches call for the collection of seedlings or cuttings from currently healthy trees. All efforts are made to ensure the cuttings that are collected are also healthy and capable of being developed into a plant that will be able to flourish in a natural environment.
    Main objectives are tree breeding, gene conservation and production of plant materials for forest regeneration and landscaping purposes.


    • Furnace
    • Propagating machine/ Growth chamber

    4. Environment / Forestry Lab:

    Equipment :

    • Forestry related practical and field based instruments like planimeter, spigel relascope, stereoscope, diameter tape, measuring tape, Haga altimeter, prism, bark gauge, etc.
    • Environmental Science related practical instruments like air pollution pump, air sampling pump, CO, Lead kit box, water current flow meter, Arsenic test kit, etc.
    • Surveying related instruments like plane table with stand, alidade, compass, spirit level, plumb bob, U-fork, chain, ranging rod, peg, optical square, auto level with stand, level staff, arrow, etc.
    • Entomology related practical instruments like box, stretching board, pin, net, etc.
    • Wood structure related practical instruments like lens, blade, wood, watch glass, etc.
    • Harvesting releted practical instruments like hand saw,bow saw, two cross cut saw, wedge, etc.

    5. Environmental Lab:

    • Supported by HEQEP project


    • Air condition : 4
    • Speaker : 2
    • Fire fighting box : 5
    • Different reagents

    Major activities :

    • Practical purposes

    6. Computer Lab:

    • Supported by HEQEP project


    • Total PC: 31
    • Air condition: 2
    • Projector: 2
    • Sound system: 2
    • Wi Fi box, control box

    Major Activities:

    • Practical and training purposes

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