Youth Volunteer of Environment

Youth Volunteer of Environment

Founding Date and Started Working: 5th June, 2013
Inauguration in Public: 8th June, 2014
Number of registered volunteer: 586

Youth Volunteer of Environment (YVE)

is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It's a youth led volunteer organization works on different environmental and social development initiatives to promote sustainable environment practices in this region. YVE is a family of mass people, students, academicians, professionals and scientists for providing a platform to work against environmental disturbances and encouraging development issues.

What We Do

  • Encourage the community to apply indigenous knowledge to reduce the pollution
  • Create awareness among the people in sustainable environmental practices.
  • Increase youth mobilization around the issues of environment and Climate change in Bangladesh
  • Encourage volunteers in various fields such as solid waste management, conserving water bodies, tree plantation,green schooling, energy saving, introducing renewable energy, inspiring reusing of waste as resources, grey water treatment and other social activities.

Our Ultimate Goal:

  • To create an Environmental Movement in this region.

Completed Projects:

World Environment Day, 2014:Youth Volunteer of Environment celebrated World Environment Day, 2014 to explore the theme " Raise the Voice, Not the Sea-level". YVE participated in the colorful, inspiring rally with Department of Environment in the first session of the day. After attending the program arranged by DoE, YVE ran an awareness program in the Chittagong Universitycampus with banner, colorful festoons and slogans. In the evening, YVE arranged a drawing competition among the children in the "Nipobon Shishu Biddaylay " containing a theme " My surroundings, our world".

Radio program of BBC Bangla and YVE:Ten energetic youth with the coordination of YVE participated in a radio program of BBC Radio known as Chailei Parben on climate resilience and environmental conditions of our surroundings. Participants discussed various points on climate change, degradation of environmental elements, natural calamities etc. and provided their suggestions on the basis of their practical knowledge and experiences.

Sharing our love, bring the warm:Volunteers of YVE campaigned in several residential areas to collect old warm clothes for poor people whose are living in the road side slum areas, station etc. Love to share that, a lot of cloths collected and people were encouraged this good initiatives. YVE also gave a major part of the collected cloths to Aparajeyo-Bangladesh, which is working with the disadvantaged children supported by Ministry of Social welfare and UNICEF.

Green schooling: Green schooling is an initiative of YVE to spread the knowledge of awareness on energy saving (control the abuse of water, electricity, gas etc.), tree plantation, waste management etc. among the school going children. Parents are also under consideration of this campaign, basically volunteers of YVE used to discuss these issues with parents whose are waiting outside the school for the whole school period.

Awareness Activity:Introducing green initiatives such as, dustbin, awareness creating posters, wall magazine in different educational institutions.BBC Media Action and YVE:Amrai Pari is captioned in the local language of Bangladesh means Together we can do it.This TV series is helping people to find more easy ways to work together to adapt to climate change. From the chars of Kurigram to drought afflicted Noagaon to Kuakata coastal areas, Amrai Pari showcased communities who have adapted to adverse weather conditions; produced agricultural items at their homestead during flood; raised their homestead as well as their latrine to stay safe; developed new ways of earning money; moved fast to the shelter when cyclone hit and repaired their shelter or home in innovative ways.The member crews of the production team capture the initiatives sometimes with the help of the local experts. It gives us a message that how easily we could make anything happen in the society. So of course it is also possible to do something more interesting for the quest of our survival against the extreme weather situation.In this way, the programme hopes to inspire and inform people, providing an opportunity for communities to share their knowledge and work together to create something vital for their welfare and livelihood.Season: 2, 8th episode of that programme shows some youth leaders of Youth Volunteer of Environment who are working to make food waste into resource,  shows  the useful techniques to convert grey (used) water into useable water to reduce pressure on virgin water! This episode (26 min) was telecasted in at ATN Bangla.

Green Youth Environmental Fair , 2015:Youth Volunteer of Environment organized a day long Green Youth Environmental Fair 2015 at national level in Bangladesh with the support of Department of Environment (DoE) Chittagong. Participants from 18 Universities actively participated in this fair into four segment- Photography Contest, Debate Competition, Project Competition and Poster Presentation. Each segment was focusing on environmental issues. Different Environmental organizations also participated in this mega event.

Achievement and Recognition:
  • National Joy Bangla Award-2015 in Community development section
  • YVE has a strong linkage with Department of Environment (DoE) Chittagong and other NGOs working on environmental and youth led issues.

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