Physical Infrastructure

The ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of the people Republic of Bangladesh supporting the institute through Forest Resource Management Project (FRMA) sponsored by the World Bank towards infrastructure development of IFESCU and to equip it for ensuring standard education.

Bangladesh Government has obtained financial assistance from the World Bank to build a new complex for IFESCU. The complex includes classrooms, offices, laboratories, auditorium, student hostel, residential houses for teachers and staff, and sport facilities. These elaborate and spacious facilities are designed to promote teaching and research excellence at IFESCU.

General use facilities


At IFESCU we have five classrooms which are equipped with modern multimedia facilities. In each classroom we have interactive multimedia projector, sound system.. There is a desktop computer in each classroom with internet connection. All the classrooms have access to the Wi-fi network.


We have a medium sized well equipped auditorium. The Auditorium is used as examination hall for our regular examinations and for the admission test of the University. It is the main arena for organizing bigger events. The auditorium has accommodation of 150 persons. It is fully air conditioned.

Conference hall

IFESCU has a conference hall with conference table that can accommodate 30 participants. We have organized many workshops in this conference hall. It is a fully air conditioned with multimedia facility. There is one normal projector and another interactive projector. Also, we have a conference table sound system for the room. It has wi-fi and cable internet facility.  

Seminar library

The seminar library is one of the richest in the University of Chittagong. The library is managed by a dedicated librarian under a faculty member appointed by the Academic committee as the Library coordinator. Currently, Professor Dr Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain is serving as the library coordinator. The library is now managed by an web enabled library management system which is also the first of its kind at the University of Chittagong.

It has a very good collection of reference books, journals and thesis papers. Every year we purchase new items to the collection by using the recurrent budget from the University. Under the HEQEP sub-project CP-2143, recent editions of about 500 new books have been added to the collection. We have wifi connection at the library and the students can access the journals of major publishers through the internet.

Research Infrastructure

Research and Education Laboratories

IFESCU has the following laboratories for the practical education and research.

  • Chemistry lab

This is basically for conducting the practical classes. The environmental science track has a number of courses with concentrations in chemistry. Besides, the facilities are used for research purposes. The lab also have facilities for soil analysis.

  • Physics lab

This is mainly used for practical classes in the physical science areas. We conduct Physics, Survey and Drawing and Aerial Photogrammetry practicals in this classroom. There are good facilities and instruments related to these courses.  

  • Environmental Analysis lab

Established under the HEQEP sub-project CP-2143, this is the biggest laboratory facility at the Institute. This fully air conditioned laboratory has been designed based on modern concept with granite top tables, height adjustable seating arrangements. This lab will have complete range of facilities for analyzing soil, air, water and biological samples for different environmental needs. We have plan to convert it into an accredited laboratory for providing the analytical services to the local private and public entities.   

  • Computer lab

The air conditioned computer lab  has also been established under the HEQEP sub-project CP 2143. It has 30 desktop computers with fitting furniture. There is a hub for managing internet connectivity to all the PCs. It is equipped with multimedia interactive projector and sound system for conducting computer related classes and for arranging training programmes where computers are needed.    

  • GIS and Climate change research lab

Established under grant from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art GIS hardware and software. The lab is managed by Professor Dr AL Amin. This is fully air conditioned and is equipped with multimedia projector, workstations, plotter etc. It has been used mainly for research related to the use of GIS for understanding climate change and the adaption of forest species to it.   

  • Society and Environment lab

The lab has been established to study the relationship between the society and the environment. It is jointly managed by Professor Dr Mohammed Jashimuddin and Professor Tapan Kumar Nath.

  • Seed research lab

This lab has been developed by Professor Dr Mohammad Kamal Hossain with funding from different organizations and projects, for example, Arannyak Foundation. There is a rich collection of seeds of many endangered and threatened species of Bangladesh. The lab is contributing towards biodiversity conservation.  

Other facilities


There is a big nursery with mist and non-mist propagator, propagator house. It has the ability to produce more than 50,000 seedlings annually. This nursery is managed by the plantation unit of the Institute which is headed by the Plantation coordinator appointed by the planning committee. At present Professor Dr Mohammed Jashimuddin is serving as the Plantation coordinator. This nursery has played the pivotal role in making the campus green through reforestation of the denuded hills at the campus. It is the playground for research related to plant cloning, allelopathic effects, mycorrhizal activities, effects of pollution on plant germination and growth etc. The nursery has contributed in the conservation of many rare and endangered species.

Machine ship

A fully equipped machine shop has been established at the campus for R&D purposes under the funding from HEQEP CP-2143. It has a lathe machine, a grinding machine, a welding machine, a cutter, drill machines, shearing machine, cutting machine and all other equipment and supplies needed for a fully functional machine shop. We are planning to use it for the development of different  apparatuses for application in the field of forestry and Environmental sciences.

Growth chamber

We have a growth chamber that can create the microclimatic condition at par with different climate change scenario in order to study the behaviour of plant growth under different climate change scenario.

Saw mill    

There is a fully equipped saw mill at the campus for teaching and for plantation management purpose. It is managed by the plantation unit of the Institute. IFESCU regularly harvest mature, damaged and dead trees from the plantations and process them in the saw mill before selling them through auctions to generate income for the University.


There is a beautiful lake surrounded by trees at the approach to IFESCU campus. The Director building is on the hill-top beside the lake. The staircase beside the lake that connects the academic infrastructure with the director building is a very popular spot for people who love aesthetics.  

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