Field Trip on Environmental Management Plan

Field Trip

The students of 8th semester of 9th batch (session 2008-2009) in Environmental Sciences of Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences of Chittagong University (IFESCU) have completed preparation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Nasirabad Industrial zone on April, 2014. This EMP was done due to address and manage the environmental aspects and impacts of stated area and submitted for the partial fulfillment of four year B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Environmental Science, University of Chittagong.

Field trip on this EMP was conducted in Nasirabad Industrial zone to collect information on operational procedures, practices, plans and related supporting documents including legal agreements in a systematic way with the help of DOE Chittagong division. The field trip was supervised by the teachers of IFESCU. It took place from 31rd March to 9th April. There was total 10 students in 8th semester B. Sc. (Honos) in Environmental Sciences who have done the field trip as well as the preparation of EMP. Student were accommodated in the Regional Public Administration Training Centre in Kazir Dewri, Chittagong, during the period of field survey. Total field trip of 10 days was funded by the project entitled as Enhancement of education and research capabilities in Environmental Sciences at the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences of Chittagong University (IFESCU) (HEQEP CP-2143) including student's accommodation and conveyance.

In this field trip, at first day, students have done a reconnaissance survey and preliminarily visited 64 industrial units. Then 23 industries were selected to visit and collect detailed information on them within next 9 days among which

9 Steel mills

  • Bangladesh Steel and Re – rolling Mill (BSRM) Ltd.
  • Ratanpur Steel and Re – rolling Mill (RSRM)
  • KDS Steel Accessories Ltd.
  • Multi Steel Casting Ltd.


  • Multi Steel Casting Ltd.
  • Saleh Steel Industries Ltd.
  • Islam Steel Mills Ltd.
  • Benz Industries BD Ltd.
  • And Baizid Steel Mills Ltd.

5 textile & Dyeing industry

  • KDS Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Clifton apparels Ltd.
  • Super Knitting and Dyeing Mills Ltd.
  • National Accessories Ltd.
  • and KDS Accessories Ltd

1 food and beverage industry (Abul Khair Condensed Milk and Beverage Ltd.)

2 paper mills (Mack Paper and Board Mills and Export package Ltd)

2 ready mix industry (Unimix ready mix concrete and Chittagong Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) Ready mix) and 4 chemical industry

  • Syngenta BD. Ltd.
  • CVO Petro-Chemicals Ltd.
  • Reckittt Benckiser (Bangladesh) Ltd and
  • Elite Paint Ltd.
were surveyed through questionnaires survey and field observation. Samples were collected from ETP Inlet & Outlet points from industries where ETP was available. In case of Steel industry, the samples of air dust were also collected. In the field visit overall information about the production process and possible sources of pollution from different types of industries, environmental compliance issues, worker's safety, emergency preparedness plan, availability and using practice of personal protective equipment of workers and pollution abatement strategies were collected as much as possible. Finally the field trip of EMP was completed on 9th April, 2014 and students have made a complete management plan for Nasirabad industrial zone which was submitted on 25th May, 2014.

Event Date: 2015-03-31 Event Location: Nasirabad Industrial Zone & Different Industrial Area in CTG

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